Day 19 – #39 Completed

25 01 2010

We went to our first auction on Saturday!  It was very busy and very exciting.  We’d been up to the auction rooms on thursday evening to have a look at items that caught my eye in the online catalogue.  I particularly liked a jewellery box and some cut-glass perfume bottles.  However, on close inspection they were all horrible!

I found another jewellery box that I liked – a 19th Century Chinese Lacquer cabinet – so I marked that in my catalogue.  I also liked an accordian, an old sewing machine (in immaculate condition – with original instruction booklet) and an oak settle.

So, on Saturday morning we went along and registered to bid.  We watched the first 50 or so lots to see how it was going.  The first bid was on a coca-cola mirror.  Not something we’d even noticed in the preview – but it was going for a tenner so Mark gave me the nudge and it was ours.

Then it came to the cabinet.  I was quite nervous!  The auction estimate was £20-£40.  I’d already decided that I was happy to go to £40 and no more.  The bidding started at £15.  I started off against two rival bidders, but one quickly dropped off.  I held my nerve and nodded my way upto £30.  Then that was it!  I won 🙂

We left commission bids for the other 3 items but didn’t secure any of them.  It was a great experience and I’ll definitely go again.  The variety of stuff on offer was incredible and it’ll be well worth keeping an eye out for furniture for the future.

Day 14 – #65 Started

20 01 2010

My bookcrossing labels arrived today.  I’ve got some round stickers to go on the front cover to say it’s a book crossing book and a little plate sticker to go inside with the book’s ID and the website details.

So, I’ve planned my first release.  I’ve registered Maeve Binchy’s book Heart & Soul and am going to release it when I walk the dog tomorrow morning.  It’ll be really interesting to see how soon it gets registered (if at all) as I know it won’t hang around long.

We shall see!

The link to the journal entry is here:

Day 9 – #55 Try 50 New Recipes

15 01 2010

I know!  Two days running…
Well, today I made Thai Sticky Chicken from Rachel Allen’s Home Cooking book that I got for Christmas.  It’s something I wouldn’t normally eat as it’s marinaded in all sorts of hot & spicy things.  However, I gave it a whirl – made the marinade yesterday and the chicken was in overnight.  Baked it this evening and served it with basmati rice.  I have to say it was very nice.
I should have taken a photo of the empty plates but you’ll have to make do with the full ones!

Day 8 – #55 Try 50 New Recipes

14 01 2010

Today I made Soda Bread for the first time ever.  This is a rather shameful admission (given that I come from an Irish background!) but I have now rectified the situation 🙂

We had this for dinner with a cauliflower cheese and I have to say it was delicious!  I am going to have some more tomorrow with my soup at lunchtime.  Yummy!

Day Two – #64 Completed

8 01 2010

I have signed up to Book Crossing and have ordered myself some labels.  I’ve not registered any books yet as I’ll have a browse through the forums to see what the protocol is before I get going.  It sounds like a great project.  I suppose anything that encourages people to read has got to be a good thing!

I have discovered that a book has been released in Morrisons in Chippenham within the last 30 days!  BUT it was by a BookCrosser in Bath.  So who knows, I may be the first BookCrosser in Chippenham!  So, when I do get started I’ll set free the first couple in Chippenham.  See if I can encourage some more people to join in…..

If you’re interested in more information about Book Crossing then have a look here.

Day One -#1 & #3 completed :)

7 01 2010

Ok!  So I’ve got my blog up and running.  It’s only taken me about 3 hours so far….!  I know it’s not very pretty at the moment but I’ll work on that a bit at a time (hence the not crossing out #2!)

I spent quite a lot of time working on my list – it was actually quite hard to come up with 101 things I wanted to do.  Obviously I wanted some of them to be a challenge.  Others to make me FINALLY get round to doing things.  It’s also a great excuse to have some “me” time.  (I have to go out for dinner it’s on my list of things to do….!)

Finally – I hope this challenge is as good as I think it might be.  A chance to try new things, go to new places and have a lot of fun!