Day 53 – #9 Second book read….

28 02 2010

I thought a bit of light relief was in order after ploughing through old Gabriel.  So I read another Jacqueline Wilson.  I do love her style of writing.  It’s teenage-y without all the sulking and shouting instead of talking. (yes Laura, I’m thinking of you!!!)

The only bad thing about it was that it brought back painful memories of thinking I’d never get a boyfriend either!!

As I’m unlikely to ever re-read this I am now going to bookcross it thus killing two birds with one stone 🙂

Day 52 – #11 Top 10 Films of all time

27 02 2010

We’ve just finished watching Goodfellas.  We actually started watching it on Thursday – unfortunately the disc from LoveFilm was faulty and the B side wouldn’t play!  So we watched the final half this evening.

I really liked it!  I’d been told that it was better than Casino, and I really liked Casino, so I was expecting good things.  Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed.  It was interesting right from the off.  I love Robert De Niro and Ray Liotta was also good.  I still can’t warm to Joe Pesci but thankfully he got shot LOL!

Definitely worth a watch 🙂

Day 45 – #11 Top 10 Films of all time

20 02 2010

We watched Blade Runner this evening.  I knew nothing about this film before it started.  Only the vague idea that it was set in the future.  (Future from 80-somthing when it was made)  So it was quite funny to see it set in 2019 – not so very far away now!  It’s strange to watch something like that for the first time many years later as you notice things now that could never happen in the future (smoking in the office for one thing!!)

Anyway, what did I think of it?  Not much to be honest.  It was too dark for starters.  I spent half the film trying to see what was going on and the other half thinking “turn the bloody light on!”  I mean who wanders round their house all day in the pitch dark?  Not many people, I bet.  Aside from that annoyance, it was an ok film.  Reasonably watchable but a bit slow.  Very much of its time I suppose.

Not the most positive start to this challenge.  Here’s hoping some of the other films are better!!

Day 44 – #9 First book finished…

19 02 2010

Finally, FINALLY, I’ve finished 100 Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  It’s taken me about 8 weeks which is completely unheard of for me.

It was a strange kind of book really.  Lack of paragraphs and chapters made it seem never ending.  The fact that the characters all seemed to have the same name made it difficult to keep track with what was going on at times.  The language used was unfamiliar, which meant I had to read really slowly to get it in to my head (this may be because it was a translation though).

Having said all that, I did enjoy it.  There is all sorts of lovely imagery and old African customs which are interesting to read about.  I wouldn’t trouble to read it again, but I’m glad I finished it as the story came full-circle and finished everything off nicely! 🙂

Day 42 – #78 & #79 Started!

17 02 2010

For Lent I have decided to give up alcohol, takeaways and biscuits.  So this will tie in nicely with my 30 consecutive days challenges.  It’s going to be difficult, but I’ve never failed a Lenten pledge yet so I don’t want to start with this one.

Wish me luck!!

Day 39 – #55 Two more dishes cooked…

14 02 2010

Ok, so it’s Valentine’s Day today, so Mark and I decided we’d cook a nice meal, rather than going out anywhere.

Mark was in charge of the main course and we chose “Chinese Pork Patties” from the Saturday Kitchen Best Bites cookbook.  It’s basically pork mince & chicken meatballs with a chilli dipping sauce, served on a cucumber, spring onion & coriander salad.  It was lovely!  Really, really tasty.  And not too spicy either 🙂

Then, for dessert, we spent ages looking for something that wasn’t too heavy and would compliment the main course.  As it was, we opted for cheesecake!  Specifically the cheesecake from Nigella Express.  She made it with cherries, but Mark doesn’t like cherries so we went for strawberries instead.  It’s a no-bake cheesecake, very retro!  And Oh My Goodness!!!  It was blimmin gorgous.  Properly lovely.  I think I’ve just found my new, favourite pudding….

Day 25 – #25 Completed

1 02 2010

Wow!  What a great day……
We left Chippenham at 12.30 and finally made it to The Boater at 1.50!  First Great Western, in their infinite wisdom, decided not to run any trains to Bath on the day they were holding an international event, thus the traffic was awful – but we finally made it.  Fought our way through all the crowds to meet Jonny & Claire at the pub before making our way into the ground.
We were a bit worried about our seats, but we needn’t have been.  We had a great view.  I’d had a quick look through the programme and saw that My Hero (Peter Stringer) was on the subs list but when we got to our seats he was in the starting lineup.  Hurrah!  He really is amazing.  So fit.
It was a great match.  Really exciting.  Ireland were miles better than England but just couldn’t convert all their possession in to points unfortunately.  It ended up 17-13 to England.  Ireland clearly haven’t learnt their lesson.  The could have kicked for 3 points to take them into the lead (14-16) but they decided to run it and didn’t get over the line.  Very frustrating!  Still it was a brilliant match and I loved it.  Even if it was a bit chilly.

Will defintely go to another match.  We’ve got tickets booked for Wasps v Bath in April at Twickenham but I suspect we may go again before that 🙂