Day 81 – #23 Buy some rollerblades and get skating!

28 03 2010

Oh. My. Goodness.  Skating is not like it used to be…..  I remember the days of solid, square rollerboots that barely rolled.  Those days are no more.  I put my new blades on whilst I was on carpet.  It was very much like when you put on ice-skates.  Pretty solid and tricky to walk in.  However, once I stepped down into the kitchen they started rolling immediately!  I managed to stagger my way through our minefield of a garden and out onto the path.  (Mark looking highly sceptical and the dog beside himself with excitement!).  It was like riding a bike.  All  my old skating prowess started bubbling to the surface.  Until I got the angle of the blades wrong whereupon I stuttered and stumbled along for a bit until I got my rhythm back.

Once in the park I got a bit of speed up.  It was great!  I think I’ll be feeling it in my backside in the morning but it was brilliant.  It also shows just how much of a slope there is in John Coles park.  I started at the top and with no forwards momentum from me, I whizzed down the path, all the way around past the sensory garden, round the bend, past the fountain and eventually rolled to a halt just before the fork in the path.  It was then that I noticed Pedro had bombed it along after me and was panting hard!  Sweetie.

So we did another lap (going up the slope was easier to control than going down – but nowhere near as much fun!).  This time Pedro cheated and cut across the grass – but it certainly got him moving.  He was loving it!

Day 80 – #55 Another recipe tried out

27 03 2010

I bought a new cookbook this week.  It’s a baking book and is full of lovely biscuits, cookies & cakes.  After perusing at length (and comparing to ingredients I already had in the cupboard) I decided to make old-fashioned chocolate brownies.

I didn’t have the right size pan so I used my square fudge pan and hoped for the best.  The recipe was a doddle to follow but it pretty much filled the entire pan!  It was supposed to cook for 25 minutes or until a skewer came out “just clean”.  Well, that took 35 minutes.  I think it might have been because the mixture was deeper than it should have been.  Either way, they’ve turned out pretty well and taste heavenly 🙂

Day 78 – #11 Another film down….

27 03 2010

I watched Pulp Fiction for the umpteenth time 🙂  I’ve probably not watched it for a good ten years but it’s still brilliant.  Mark wasn’t too impressed that we were watching it again but even he got into it.  Excellent evening’s entertainment.

Day 73 – #98 Donate 101 thing to charity – begun!

20 03 2010

In my heightened sense of “busyness” today I decided to sort out my clothes.  My chest of drawers had all but collapsed and my rail of the wardrobe was fit to burst.  It was time to sort the wheat from the chaff.  I emptied the drawers and repaired them.  Got rid of anything I didn’t wear or like or that didn’t fit.  The result is that my chest of drawers now shuts again and I can (just about) move my clothes on the rail.  (Oh how I long for my new wardrobes!)

As a result of this tidy-mindedness, I have a bag of 20 things going to the clothing bank 🙂

Day 73 – #92 Sort all my shoes into clear boxes

20 03 2010

Finally finished doing this.  I got a load of boxes from Amazon a while ago – absolute bargain!  25 boxes for £25.  Much cheaper than I’ve seen them anywhere else.  So I ordered a pack with a little trepidation – what if they were too flimsy?  However, I needn’t have worried.  They are incredibly sturdy and came with little dividers to separate the shoes.

So, in anticipation of my new, highly-organised wardrobe system (if and when that ever happens!) my shoes are now sorted.  I have none that I no longer like or wear (see next entry).  All I have to do now is get some boxes big enough to put my knee-high boots in and some chunkier boxes for my trainers and I won’t know myself!

Day 73 – #11 Another film watched

20 03 2010

I watched Gladiator last night.  I’ve had it ready to watch since Tuesday but just hadn’t been able to muster up the enthusiasm to set aside 2.5 hours of my time to watch it.

So, Mark had skittles early so I decided I’d put it on and do the ironing at the same time.  Well!  I had to stop ironing!  It was brilliant.  The start of it was like watching someone, much better than me, play age of empires.  The opening battle was amazing to watch.  Then the evil caesar in waiting stepped in and topped his old man and the stage was set.  Excellent!  Mark came back with about half an hour left to go and couldn’t believe I’d watched it all the way through.  But I did and loved it.

That’s the best thing about this particular challenge.  It’s got me to watch films that I would never have chosen to watch.  Maybe I’ll have to be a bit more open minded in my film-watching?!?

Day 71 – #78 & 79 Complete!!

18 03 2010

30 days of no booze and no takeaways is over – hurrah!  Just wish I could celebrate that fact with a drink or two of the baileys I have in the cupboard.  However, I’ve still got 2 and a bit weeks left of Lent until I can indulge again 😦

Day 68 – #55 Try 50 New Recipes

15 03 2010

I’m getting in to this cooking lark!  I tried yet another new recipe today.  Whilst flicking through Delia’s Italian Collection, trying to find a different sauce to have with my leftover gnocchi, I came across a recipe for Trofi Pasta Liguria which looked rather nice.  As we do our shopping on a Monday night, I added the bits I needed to the list and got all the stuff I needed.  Apart from the Trofi pasta.  So I used twirls instead.  I’ve never tried making pesto before, but that worked ok in my mini blender.

It was dead quick to make and looked all fresh and lovely.  The first problem was the sheer amount of pasta!  The recipe called for 175g between two of us.  I normally cook 120g, so there was a hell of a lot.  Second problem, Mark didn’t really like it.  He’s decided he’s not that keen on basil.  Which kind of misses the point of pesto really.

However, I really liked it.  I’d quite happily have it again as a summer lunch (smaller portions obviously!)

Day 68 – #11 The other half watched!

15 03 2010

We watched The Empire Strikes Back last night.  I’m beginning to think I never actually watched these films at all as a child!  I didn’t remember most of it.  And the bits I did remember I didn’t think were in this film at all!  I thought the “I’m your father Luke” bit was at the end of the last film and that’s when Luke finished off Vader.  Apparantly not.

Return of the Jedi isn’t on the top 10 films list, but I think I’m going to have to watch it anyway, just to try and make some sense of the entire thing…..

Day 67 – #9 Another book completed

14 03 2010

I finished Far From the Madding Crowd this morning.  It’s taken me quite a while to get through it but I really liked it.  Poor old Bathsheba didn’t half make life difficult for herself!  If she’d just got on a married Gabriel in the first place then her life would have been so much easier!  Still, there would have been no story to speak of if she had, so it’s just as well she messed about with Boldwood and Troy, just to make things interesting!