Day 111 – #61 Complete 3 Cross stitch pictures

25 04 2010

First cross stitch picture completed.  This is for my nephew Tyler for his 2nd birthday which is tomorrow (nothing like leaving it til the last minute!!)

He adores Timmy Time on the TV and this is the closest thing I could find for him.  Hopefully he’ll like it.  I certainly enjoyed stitching it 🙂

Day 110 – #11 Top 10 Films – nearly there!

24 04 2010

Well, I’ve been a bit slack with keeping my blog upto date!  But I’ve finally ploughed through Godfather parts 1 & 2.  Good God – what a load of drawn-out old nonsense!  There is NO way that part two needed to be over 3 hours long.  Thankfully part 3 isn’t on the list 🙂

Day 92 – #11 Top 10 Films – not many to go now!

7 04 2010

I watched the Shawshank Redemption again last night.  God, I love that film.  So understated.  So powerfully written.  I still blubbed when Brooks hung himself.  Still remember the fear I had the first time I watched it thinking Red was going to do the same.  Still had a massive grin on my face when Andy played the opera over the tannoy.  <sigh>  Such a great film 🙂

Day 89 – #58 Bake 5 different cakes

5 04 2010

Yesterday I baked a new cake to take to mum’s house for Easter.  I made a Raspberry & Mascarpone Angel Cake.  It was a fatless sponge mix (very much like a swiss roll in taste & texture) layered together with the raspberries & mascarpone.  Then topped off with a cream cheese frosting.  Apart from the frosting it was delicious!  That was a bit sweet for me, but the filling was gorgous!  I would definitely make this again 🙂