Day 175 – #61 Complete 3 cross-stitch projects

28 06 2010

This is the second of my cross stitch projects.  I worked like a demon to get this one finished in time for Meghan’s birthday and it’s come out pretty well.  After stitching for 5 nephews it was really nice to stitch something girly for once!

Day 175 – #26 Go to the theatre

28 06 2010

Wow!  Mark & I went to see the Strictly Professionals this evening and it was a-maze-ing!  There were 5 couples dancing; Vincent & Flavia, James & Ola, Matthew & Aliona, Brian & Kristina and Ian & Natalie.  The dancing was fantastic.  Very, very fast and so accurate.

The highlight of the night was definitely Vincent & Flavia’s Argentine Tango.  It was wonderful.  It’s definitely worth going to see if you can get tickets.  In the words of Mr Revel-Horwood himself – Fab-u-lous.

Day 173 – #46 Travel to St Ives without medication

26 06 2010

I could go on and on and on about how massive this is, but I won’t.  Suffice to say that it was a huge achievement.  I didn’t stress out.  I was calm and relaxed the whole journey.  Even when we had to pull over onto the hard shoulder because we thought the tire had blown!!

Success indeed 🙂

Day 158 – #55 50 New Recipes

11 06 2010

This looks hideous doesn’t it?!  It is Braised potatoes with tomato & chicken.  It was actually very tasty.  However, it was another dish from my pressure cooker cookbook and the plasterer turned up early so it cooked a bit longer than it was supposed to.  So instead of being nice slices of potato, tomato and chunks of chicken thigh, it turned into a bit of a jumble.  Hey ho.  Lesson learned.

Day 155 – #55 Try 50 new recipes

8 06 2010

This is “Ragu alla Bolognese” and I made it in my pressure cooker!  I’ve made my version of spag bol hundreds of times but it is in no way “Authentic Italian Food”  So this was a bit more realistic.

I have to say it was very nice.  The pancetta made a lovely addition but it was a little thin in consistency.  I think I needed to reduce it down a bit after I’d released the pressure to get the sauce a bit thicker.  Other than that it was great.  And ready in 25 mins as opposed to the numerous hours normally required.

I also have several portions ready to freeze for a later date.  Happy days! 🙂