Day 205 – #9 Top 100 Books

28 07 2010

Got back into reading this month 🙂  I found this book knocking around the library so I thought I’d give it a go.  I had no idea what it was about so started out with a completely open mind.  I have to say, I really enjoyed it!  I like the style of writing – I found it very easy to read.  I liked the characters – oddly enough I like Sebastian.  I think if I knew him in real life he would drive me bonkers, but I like him in the book.  I was also delighted that Charles & Julia did get together.  Even if it didn’t last very long….

All in all, a good book and one I would read again.  I don’t think I’ve said that about too many books on the list so far!

Day 179 – #55 50 New Recipes

2 07 2010

Two more recipes tried out this evening.  Rainbow Rice – which is a combination of rice (obviously!), carrot, pepper, cucumber, apricot & pumpkin seeds.  Mixed together with olive oil & orange juice.  It smells divine but I can’t try it coz of the peppers.  It was making me gag just chopping them up!  Hopefully it goes down well with the others…

The other dish is a tuna pasta salad.  Basically it consists of tuna, pasta, butter beans, red onion, lemon zest, lemon juice & parsley.

Both of these are for mum’s birthday bash tomorrow.  I was asked to provide them so hopefully they’ll go down well. 🙂