Day 320 – #98 Donate 101 things to charity

29 11 2010

This is my second donation to charity.  I decided to clear out my cookery book bookcase.  It was getting to the stage where I couldn’t get anything out without something else falling out as well.  So now my bookcase is all neat & tidy again, I’ve sorted out all my loose recipes AND the local Oxfam shop has 24 new cookbooks on their shelves!

Day 320 – #31 Go to a Christmas market

29 11 2010

Well, I *went* to Bath Christmas market at the weekend.  I got to see very little of what was there though.  It was absolutely jam packed.  We couldn’t get into the Abbey grounds at all.  It was just completely full and not moving in the slightest.  We stood for 5 minutes or so and realised that no-one was going anywhere, so turned around and went around the front of the abbey instead.  I hope that the best stalls were in the abbey grounds because the ones we saw were mediocre at best.  All in all, not a great introduction to Christmas markets 😦

Day 319 – #67 Have a meal out once a month

28 11 2010

For our third meal out, we went somewhere a little bit different.  We were out shopping in Bath.  It was freeeeezing cold and we were right at the top of town.  We decided to head to towards the Western by going along George street and down Gay Street to try to avoid some of the hoards.  However, we passed Enzo and thought it looked quite nice.  They were sensible enough to have the menu pinned up in the window and it looked delicious.

We ventured inside, a bit nervous of looking like scruff bags.  The decor was lovely and understated.  It’s the kind of place where you could be dressed up to the nines in the evening, or in the middle of shopping in the day and be perfectly at home either way.

It was very busy, always a good sign, but we were quickly seated and ordered two peronis.  The wine list was very tempting but we thought that downing a bottle of wine at lunchtime probably wasn’t the best idea!  We decided to share a starter.  We had the Bruschetta alla Torinese.  It was like a lovely, posh version of ham & cheese on toast!  Lovely light bread, Parma ham and mozzarella cheese.  Delicious!

We decided against going for pizza as that’s what we *always* order.  So Mark went for the Linguine con Pollo e Pesto Rosso.  It was a huge bowl of linguine with big chunks of chicken coated in a red pesto and creme fraiche sauce.  It was lovely.  He’d been in two minds as to whether to order the same as me, but went for that instead and loved it.

I had the Trofiette al Pollo.  Oh my goodness it was gorgeous.  It was tiny, tiny pieces of chicken and courgette cooked with a few pine nuts, all combined with trofie pasta and a marscapone sauce.  Heavenly.

The dessert menu looked delicious too, but we really couldn’t make room for a pudding.  The service was excellent and I *soooo* want to go back there soon.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone!

Day 315 – #9 Complete the Big Read Top 100

14 11 2010

I have just blitzed A Town Like Alice.  Mum always said I would love it and she wasn’t wrong!  It’s weird.  I can generally tell if I’m going to like a book pretty early on and from the first chapter I was hooked.  I’ll have to read the others to see if it’s Shute’s style of writing that I particularly like.  Whatever it was I read it in 3 evenings straight.

I almost cried when Joe got crucified 😦  It was a shock that I *wasn’t* expecting at all.

For those that haven’t read it, I won’t spoil the ending.  But it was most pleasing 🙂

Day 313 – #58 Bake 5 different cakes

12 11 2010

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For my final cake in this challenge I tried something completely new!  My first ever madeira cake.  My first ever attempt at covering a cake with icing.  My first ever attempt at cake decorating.  And my first ever attempt at piping writing!  Mum made the little dancer on top, but I did the rest of it.

I don’t think it turned out too badly in the end.  Everybody thought it was delicious and Mike was really pleased with it 🙂

Day 310 – #67 Have a meal out every month

9 11 2010

Ok, so it wasn’t anywhere new and it wasn’t anywhere original, but for our second meal out we went to the Memory of Beijing.  It was blimmin lovely (as per usual) and because we went on a Wednesday night it wasn’t too busy either.

For our starters we had Crispy Spring Rolls & Crab Claws (Mark) and Smoked Chicken & Chilli and Salt Spare Ribs (me).  All delicious.  I think that either their smoked chicken has mellowed, or I’ve hardened my taste buds to them.  It used to take an entire bottle of wine to get through those!  We then had the crispy duck, obviously.  The for our mains we had Szechuan Chicken & Beef in Blackbean sauce (Mark) and Shredded Pork with Beansprouts & Boiled Rice (me).

It was all lovely and I’d highly recommend to all.  But then if you’re reading this then you probably know that already!

Day 310 – #55 Another new recipe

9 11 2010

I know this looks awful.  But that’s because I didn’t rest the pastry after rolling it out.  So it shrank back.  Oops.

Despite that, this was a very nice pie.  I decided I’d finally make Mark a meat pie as I’ve been saying I would for yonks.  This is another weight watchers recipe from an old cookbook (Classic Recipes) and was very nice.  We have another 2 in the freezer!

Day 310 – #55 50 New Recipes

9 11 2010

This was another recipe from my newest weight watchers book (Fabulous & Filling).  It’s a One pot Rosemary & Chicken pasta.  It took about 20 minutes all in and was totally delicious.  And really filling.  Mark looked quite sneery about it, saying he’d need something else later on.  However, he was soon eating his words!  He certainly wasn’t able to eat anything else!

We are having it again this week 🙂