Day 348 – #55 Recipes Nos. 26 to 30

27 12 2010

I forgot to take individual phots of the other parts as I made them however they include:

Rum Truffles
Blue Cheese & Port Pate
Cheese biscuits
Chilli Oil
Butterscotch Vodka

Of the things I managed to taste, the cheesy biscuits and vodka were delicious.  Mark tasted the pate and truffles for me and pronounced them lovely.  So only the oil was an unknown quantity.  And that looks pretty if nothing else!

Day 348 – #55 Recipe no. 25

27 12 2010

This was the first of my Christmassy recipes to go in the food hampers I’ve been making.

The recipe was from my Kenwood cookbook that came with my new Chef.  Stollen is a fruit bread, traditionally from Germany I think.

I’ve no idea if it was nice but it smelt divine when it came out the oven 🙂

Day 337 – #55 Another recipe

16 12 2010

This is another restaurant dish I attempted to recreate at home.  If you remember last month when we went to Enzo, I had a dish that I loved called Trofiette con Pollo.  I tried making that this week.

I think it was very successful.  Very filling and immensly satisfying (probably due to the fat content of the mascarpone & cream….) and a definite hit.  Will be making this one again for sure.

Day 337 – #55 50 New Recipes

16 12 2010

Following on from the success of my taster of scallops, we bought some in the fishmongers in St Ives and tried to recreate the starter from Peppers.  Obviously I didn’t have a recipe to work from so had to wing it.  For starters, the scallops were bigger than the ones I had before.  Secondly, they weren’t in their shells.

So, I put three in a ramekin to cook them instead.  I then fried off some smoked bacon and put it on top of the scallops.  Then poured in some cream and topped with grated parmesan and baked in the oven.

I didn’t get it quite right.  The balance of bacon to scallops wasn’t quite right (needed more bacon – or smaller scallops!)  But other than that was really nice.  Not a bad effort.

Day 337 – #12 Give 5 “I saw this and thought of you” presents

16 12 2010

Also while we were in St Ives, we stumbled across this little gem in the Harbour Bookshop.  Mark spotted it in the window and I went in to have a look.  We immediately thought of my Dad.  He’s currently doing a stint on the RFA Fort Victoria so is away a hell of a lot.

This brilliant book is a kind of miscellany of facts & figures about all aspects of the sea and we just knew Dad would love it.  It’s the kind of book you can dip in and out of whenever the mood takes you.

Dad has just come home for 2 weeks for Christmas so I gave it to him this evening.  Out came the reading specs and thereafter followed several “ooh I didn’t know that” moments!  Result 🙂

Day 337 – #67 Go out for a meal once per month

16 12 2010

For our fourth meal out, we went to our favourite restaurant in St Ives.  We meant to go on our wedding anniversary, but it was closed!  So we went later in the week instead.

Peppers is a lovely restaurant, tucked away off the main shopping street in St Ives and has a lovely, relaxed and cosy atmosphere.  The menu is delicious and the staff are excellent.

Now, we’ve been to Peppers a lot of times.  Nearly always, I end up ordering the duck filo starter and a pizza for mains.  However, in my new “try new things” mindset, I decided to have something different.  So for starters I had Baked Scallops with Smoked Bacon & Parmesan cream.  It was gorgeous!  3 scallops served in theirs shells with a lovely tasty sauce over the top.  Having only ever having tried a tiny bit of scallop for the first time earlier in the week, it was a risky choice.  But I’m glad I went for it as it was delicious.  Then for my main course I ordered the Chicken Tarragon.  Which was tagliatelle with chunks of chicken in a cream & tarragon sauce.  That was delicious too.  I could seriously get into Italian food!

Mark had the Mackerel Pate for starters (bleurgh) and a pizza for his main course.  We then rounded off the meal with liqueuers.  Mine in the form of Amaretto Coffee and Mark’s in the form of Amaretto on the rocks.  Mmmmmm.