Day 389 – #67 Go out for a meal once a month

30 01 2011

Last night, for Mark’s birthday, we went to the Bell in Lacock.  We only just squeezed this one into January but it still counts!

There were 10 of us altogether; Mark & I, Mum, Laura & Luke, Kate & Alex, Shirley & Martyn & Mandy.

The pub was *very* busy.  And as a result we didn’t get our starters until 9pm (despite our table booking being 8.15pm!).  I ordered Crispy Duck spring rolls with a plum dipping sauce.  It was very nice, but very small compared with other starters on the table (Kate’s crayfish looks as though it would have fed us all!).  Mark had the Tempura King Prawns and loved them.  Then for our main course I had Scampi & Chips.  An oldie but a goodie.  The only problem was that the plate was really cold, so the food went cold very quickly 😦

Mark ordered the sea bass for his main and was a little disconcerted to find that it was the *whole* fish completed with head & tail!  Still, he tucked in albeit gingerly with regard to the bones.  I had absolutely no room for a pudding, which was a shame because I was planning on having a lovely pud.  Mark rose to the challenge though and ordered a Coffee & Baileys trifle, which was small enough to polish off.  I had an Irish Coffee and even that was too much.

All in all it was a lovely evening, but I think the service could have been better.

Day 360- #13 Fill in my journal for 6 months

1 01 2011

This will be my journal for the next 6 months.  It seems as though I’m setting myself up for failure, starting on Jan 1st, but as it’s one of my tasks I think I’ll manage to keep it up this time.  It also means I’ll be able to take it to Italy with me which means I won’t forget anything about that trip.