Day 438 – #98 Donate 101 things to charity

20 03 2011

I’ve been having a clear out!  In eager anticipation of our new bookcase we have been trying to organise the dining room a bit.  In this box are another 43 things winging their way to the Oxfam shop tomorrow including a couple of book-crossing books!  Hopefully they’ll get registered this time instead of vanishing into thin air!

Day 438 – #67 Go out for a meal once a month

20 03 2011

Last week, Kate, Laura & I took Mum out for a meal to celebrate her 35th wedding anniversary.  Dad’s still away, so  we wanted to do something nice, just the four of us.

We went to the new Spanish restaurant in Chippenham – La Taberna Tapas.  It’s in St Mary Street – just up from where Mum used to live and is very quaint.

We had a lovely mix of food beginning with breads, a green side salad, a selection of cheeses and a selection of meats.  All delicious.  We then had a selection of hot tapas dishes which included:
Patatas Bravas (?) – a potato salad type thing.  I didn’t eat that.
Garlic mushrooms – I didn’t eat those either!
Meatballs – lush
Ham croquettes – they were a bit big but very nice
I’m sure there was something else, but I can’t remember what.  Then for pudding we had Churros.  Which were little fried bits of pastry dipped in melted chocolate – gorgeous!

I definitely want to go back again (and take Mark with me this time so he can try it too) and it was very reasonably priced.  (£97 for 4 including drinks & service charge).

Day 438 – #9 Complete the Big Read top 100 books

20 03 2011

I can’t decide about this book.  It started off so well.  I was really getting into it.  Then it got very frustrating & boring.  Then it felt like I was finally getting somewhere.  And then the ending was rubbish.

It’s certainly a page-turner.  But ultimately deeply unsatisfying.  And I feel as though I’ve wasted a good few weeks reading time 😦