Day 501 – #55 Another 2 recipes tried out

22 05 2011

The first new recipe I tried this week is from Gino D’Acamp’s book which I’d borrowed from the library.  It’s Chicken with pizza sauce.  What’s not to love?!?  It’s just pan-fried chicken breast with onion, tomato & mozzarella.  It doesn’t look very nice, granted, but it tastes delicious!

The second recipe is one that was featured in my Taste Italia magazine this month.  As you can see, I’m still continuing on my Italian food theme!  This one was Crostini with broad beans & pancetta.  And it was gorgeous!  It didn’t look like it would be very filling but it was more than enough.  It was quite a light dish, but I wasn’t hungry for ages afterwards.  It’d definitely one that I’ll be cooking again.

Day 501 – #67 Go out for a meal once per month

22 05 2011

My meal out for May was in a place that I didn’t even know existed!  For Claire’s hen do she had booked a table for us all at the River Cottage Canteen in Bath.  It’s based in the Komedia comedy club, just opposite the Grapes.  I’d never heard of it or seen it!  However, the menu online looked good so I was quite looking forward to it.

It’s a limited menu, but none the worse for that.  There was a choice of 4 starters, none of which I fancied so I didn’t have one.  For my main course I had Confit Duck Leg with smoked mashed potato &  wilted kale.  The duck was delicious and so was the mash, a very unusual taste but lovely.  The kale!  God only knows what they did with that but it was tough as old boots, which was a real shame as I love kale.

Then for dessert I, and most of the table, ordered the chocolate brownie with clotted cream ice-cream.  I don’t think I actually need to explain how gorgeous this was as it should be self-explanatory!  It was lush.

I thought the food was very reasonably priced (£20 for the two dishes) but the drinks were *very* expensive and fairly limited.  Worth visiting though.

Day 501 – #9 Complete the Big Read Top 100

22 05 2011

As I’m now over halfway into the project, I thought it was about time I updated some of these tasks.  I’ve just finished reading Dune.  Mark had read it and pronounced it awful and told me not to bother.  However, that wasn’t an option, so I started it anyway.

I have to say that I actually quite enjoyed it!  I’m not really into science fiction at all but I found it interesting and I was intrigued as to how it would all turn out.

Having said that, I don’t think I’ll bother with the rest of the trilogy… 😀

Day 488 – #27 Go to the cinema 5 times

9 05 2011

Yesterday Mum, Laura and I went the The Little Theatre cinema in Bath to see the Irish  Dancing documentary Jig!

It was brilliant.  It was a behind-the-scenes look at the 40th World Irish Dancing Championships held in Glasgow.  It followed several competitors in a few different age groups and how they did in the competition.  My favourite was 10 year old John.  OMG he was so cute!  I also liked Brogan and *so* wanted her to beat the ultra-competitive Julia.  She was lovely.  I liked the older girls too.

Some of their dancing was amazing.  Really inspiring to see.  I’d like to watch it again actually so hopefully it will be released on DVD.

Day 487 – #9 Top 100 Books – another one down…

8 05 2011

We went to the library yesterday to refresh our reading material and I got a couple more from my list to read.  This being one of them.  I started it yesterday evening in the bath and I’ve already finished it!

Having never seen the film or the classic TV series, I only had the vaguest idea of what it was really about.  Armed with that and the knowledge that I remember my Dad loving it, I dived in.

It was a much shorter book than I imagined it would be and it was dead easy to read.  Parts of it were a bit odd, parts quirky and parts very funny – I loved it!  I now want to watch it too 🙂

Day 482 – #43 Visit 5 New Counties

3 05 2011

We ventured into a new county on our hollibobs.  I’ve never really thought about going to Berkshire.  I mean, what’s even there??  But Berkshire was where we found ourselves and I have to say, that what I saw of it, it was very nice.  We did a bit of shopping in Hungerford and also went out for a drink.  I went into maybe the best haberdashery since the one in the Causeway closed.  There were bits & bobs *everywhere*!  Kintbury was also delightful (see my praise of the Blue Ball!)

I also spotted a house which would be perfect for us – an old lock-keepers cottage.  Unfortunately, it’s pretty much derelict so Mark said no.  It would have been lovely though…

Day 482 – #67 Have a meal out once a month

3 05 2011

While we were on our holiday on the cut we visited lots of lovely new pubs.  Many of which served food, were dog-friendly and had lovely beer gardens.  However we only had a proper meal at a couple of them:

We moored next to The Bridge Inn on our outwards journey, but were too late for food.  So we had to content ourselves with a measly pint.  However, on the way back we ventured in for dinner.  Neither of us had eaten since breakfast so we were pretty hungry.  Mark went for the Cheeseburger, Chips & Salad.  The burger was a big, juicy affair served with cheddar cheese & chutney.  He polished it off pretty quickly so it must have been good!  I went for one of the specials which was Chicken wrapped in bacon with a cheesy sauce.  I had mine with chips and vegetables.  The sauce was delicious and the vegetables (carrots, broccoli & something else) were cooked to perfection!  The chicken was nice, but a little dry.  I think because it was so thick (once rolled up) that they wanted to be sure it was cooked properly.  Luckily there was plenty of sauce to wet it down.  Blimmin’ lovely!

Now this was my idea of heaven.  The Blue Ball pub in Kintbury.  A very, very pretty village on the K&A canal between Hungerford & Newbury.  It was a little way away from the canal and I don’t think we would have looked for it if it were not for the handily placed flyers beside the visitor moorings!  I’m so glad we bothered to find it.  It could just be my idea of heaven.  1) It had a large, lovely beer garden 2) It was very dog-friendly  3)It served Peroni on tap and 4)They had a wood-fired pizza oven in the garden!!  OMG.  It was possibly the nicest pizza I’ve had.  Including the ones in Rome earlier this year.  Delightfully crisp and light – there was a wide range of toppings on offer so you could have whatever you pleased.  I had ham & pineapple.  Mark had the same but with the addition of peppers.  They are having a family fun day with dog show over the August Bank Holiday and I’m seriously thinking of going back!

Day 482 – #9 Another Big Read Book

3 05 2011

Also on the boat, I began The Thorn Birds.  I’m not old enough to remember it on the TV so didn’t really know a lot about it but was greatly encouraged to find Maeve Binchy writing the introduction!

Oh, what a great book.  I loved it from start to finish.  It didn’t always go the way I want it to.  Poor Stu 😦  But I could hardly put it down.  I enjoyed it so much that I may even buy my own copy 🙂

Day 482 – #9 BBC Big Read Top 100 Books

3 05 2011

I read this book whilst I was on holiday on the canals.  I was intrigued from the very first chapter and read it pretty quickly.  Some of the ideas were a bit bizarre but it was a good read.  It reminded me very much of 1984 although it seemed easier to read.