Day 531 – #8 Swim the channel – begun!

21 06 2011

As all my normal exercise routes are out the window (bloody foot) I decided I’d give swimming a try.  I managed to get to lap 28 before the cramp kicked in, but I stretched them out and finished the last 4 of my set.  So 32 lengths down….

Day 528 – #9 Another book read

18 06 2011

As we were going away on the boat for a week, I decided I would tackle Crime & Punishment.  The boat is very handy for getting stuck into big novels as there are no (or very few) distractions.

I actually found this book very easy to get in to.  I think the trick with Russian names is to not worry about what they *actually* are.  As long as you know what you think it is in your head, you can kind of gloss over it!

Raskolnikov is the kind of guy who ought to annoy but I found I did actually care whether he was insane or not.  The ending wasn’t what I expected at all but was very satisfying.  I suprised myself by enjoying it 🙂

Day 514 – #90 Clean my car

4 06 2011

I have now owned my car over a year.  And I’ve still not cleaned it at all.  And it was beginning to show.  Mark spent hours cleaning his the other week and it looked a different vehicle.  He was doing it to sell, but that’s beside the point.  So as Mark was out on a stag do last night, I thought I’d take the opportunity to clean my car in peace.  Without him telling me how I was doing it wrong etc etc!

I started at 7pm thinking I’d give it a quick whizz over.  Two and half hours later and I was losing the will to live!  I now remember why I don’t ever polish cars – it takes forever!  Still, I have to say, it looks bloody gorgeous now 🙂