Day 585 – #55 Another new recipe

14 08 2011

This was somewhat less of a recipe and more of my own concoction.  It’s my very own version of Turkey & Ham pie.

I had some leftover turkey thigh meat and some puff pastry in the freezer so I decided to make a pie to reward Mark for his marvellous tiling in the bathroom.

So I softened some carrots, leeks & onion in some butter, then added the diced turkey meat and some diced ham and mixed it all up together.  Topped with puff pastry et voila!  Lovely pie 🙂

It was delicious, very filling and probably very fattening.  But I don’t care.  It was lush!

Day 585 – #43 Visit 5 new counties

14 08 2011

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I can’t believe I haven’t updated this for so long!  Well, way back in July – I took Mum to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show for her birthday.  I’d never been to anything like that before and Mum had never been to Hampton Court so off we went, in the rain, up the motorway.  The traffic was hideous, but we eventually got to the park & ride field, caught the bus, then the ferry and we were there.

It was huge.  And very, very busy.  The weather was a bit iffy to start with so people were ducking in and out of the tent exhibits.  We were in the Grow Your Own tent having a look round when the heavens opened and everyone piled in.  It was very claustrophic and you couldn’t see anything for a while.  But the weather soon cleared and everyone spread out again.

My favourite bits were the GYO tent, the Country Living Tent (even though it was a bit hot!) and the small garden exhibits.  Got some really good photos and ideas for the veg patch when we finally get around to it!

We had a great day and finally rocked home at 9.30!  I was exhausted but really enjoyed it 🙂