Day 613 – #27 Go to the cinema 5 times

11 09 2011

Last night Mark treated me to a trip to Chippenham cinema – woo hoo!  We finally got round to seeing the Inbetweeners movie and it was *very* funny.  It was more cringe-worthy funny than laugh out loud funny.  But there were some bits that really got me laughing – dodgy dancing anyone?!?

Well worth a watch 🙂

Day 605 – #91 Organise all my photos

3 09 2011

I have made a start on organising my photos.  All the pictures on my laptop have been sorted, labelled and organised.  Took me blinking ages!  Now all I have to do is find the CD with the older photos on and I can get them all together in one place.

Then I am planning on creating a couple of photo books, so that they can be viewed at leisure.  I’ve found a company I’m planning on using, so watch this space…

Day 605 – #67 Go out for a meal once per month

3 09 2011

Firstly, I aplogise for the rubbish photo.  I forgot to take any whilst I was there and this is the only downloadable photo of Bewleys I could find….

For August’s meal I’ve selected something a little bit different.  We went to Bewleys in Grafton Street (Dublin) for a full Irish Breakfast!  Well, I had a full Irish breakfast, Mark decided to go one better and had the Bewleys Big Breakfast instead!  The place was absolutely crammed.  It was 11 O’Clock on a Monday morning and it was buzzing.  I can only imagine how packed it must be at the weekend!

The breakfast itself consisted of Potato farl, grilled bacon, sausage, tomato,pudding, mushroom, poached egg, famous home made relish and two slices of toast,served with freshly squeezed orange juice and tea or regular coffee.  Mark’s Big Breakfast had an addition sausage, piece of bacon & poached egg.  We did our usual adjustment of items.  I had Mark’s potato farl (weirdo didn’t like them!!) and tomato.  He had my black & white pudding.  I was given an extra rasher of bacon to make up for the lack of egg.  The whole lot was delicious.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I’m going to have to learn how to make potato farls – I could eat them all day long.  We waddled out of there more than full.  Well worth a visit if you are even in Dublin.

Day 605 – #66 Complete a colouring book

3 09 2011

As you can see, this is one of the more childish entries on my 101 list!  So I thought I’d go the whole hog and have some fun with it.  I found this Hanna Barbera colouring book on ebay and bought it.  There are some great pictures in here including characters from The Wacky Races, Top Cat, Yogi Bear etc.  Great fun!  I’ve done about 3 of them so far and think I may have to buy some more felt tip pens!

Day 605 – #43 Visit 5 Counties I’ve never been to before

3 09 2011

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For this task we headed across the Irish Sea and over to Dublin.  It was for my birthday and we had tickets to see Riverdance in the Gaiety Theatre.  When we first arrived, we went out for the evening with Ben & Janice (who had been over for the rugby) and their friends Eve & Mark.  We had a great night including some amazing live Irish music in the Stag’s Head.  On Sunday we had a mooch around Grafton Street, St Stephens Green and Temple Bar.  We also had a look at Dublin Castle and the Ha’penny Bridge.  Then it was time for Riverdance……

OMG it was amazing.  It far exceeded my expectations.  The music was brilliant, the singers were glorious and the dancing was exceptional.  Every single part of it was perfection.  Even Mark, sceptical as he was, loved it.  It was over all too quickly but we have the programme and a DVD to keep us going 🙂

Then on Monday we ventured out to the Guinness Storehouse, via St Patricks park & cathedral.  Mark wasn’t too impressed with the storehouse but I enjoyed it.  I thought it was really interesting.  After supping our pints in the Gravity Bar we wended our way back to the Hairy Lemon for a drink before collecting up our bags and heading back to the airport.

What a great birthday present 🙂