Day 680 – #41 Go to a concert

17 11 2011

Ok, so I’m a bit late in adding this one.  I’ve been sooooo busy that I’ve not got around to updating for a while.

All the way back at the beginning of October Mark & I went to Namfest.  First one I’ve ever been to.  The evening didn’t start well with the bar having run out of drinks already at 9pm!  We did a quick detour to the pub and came back a bit later on and they’d obviously got in some more supplies.

Luckily we were back well in time to listen Bad Lizard’s set – which was brilliant.  Mike Hughes guest-vocalling for the medley was truly a sight to behold!

The Boys from County Hell rounded off the night and although we didn’t stay right to the end (a bit late for an early-to-bedder like me) it was a great evening.  I’ve not had my ears ringing like that since the glory days of Diggers!