Day 751 – #9 Another book completed

27 01 2012

I have just finished David Copperfield.  What a great book.  I do like Charles Dickens.  He’s very funny.  Some of his descriptions make me laugh fully out loud.  Particularly when describing HEEP!

I think there are quite a few more Dickens novels on the list so I look forward to reading them also 🙂

Day 750 – #55 Two more recipes tried out

26 01 2012

Two more new recipes tried out.   The first was an adapted version of a weight watchers recipe.  The Baked Leeks & Ham was actually really tasty.  I put a bit more cheese and more breadcrumbs on that recommended, but not by much.  It was lovely and we’ve had it a couple of times now.  It’s definitely one that I will use again.

The second is quite clearly Hot Cross Buns!  It’s a Delia Smith recipe and was really easy.  They rose really well and smelled gorgeous when in the oven.  I haven’t tasted one yet as they are still hot!  But I can’t wait 🙂

Day 750 – #9 Another book off the list

26 01 2012

I bought this book from ebay at the same time as all the Jacqueline Wilson stuff and I have to admit, I was loathe to read it after that tripe.  But I’m actually really glad I did!  It was quite an entertaining read, if somewhat unlikely and predictable.  But it was dead easy to get into.  I’m actually quite tempted to read some of the others in the series too [blush]

Day 750 – #56 Bake Bread

26 01 2012

I’ve never really made bread.  That’s really quite sad at the ripe old age of 32.  I vaguely remember making a cottage loaf and a plaited loaf at Primary School in Melksham.  But that might have been dough.  And I certainly don’t remember the making process.

So I added it to my list and god, it’s easy!  I mean really, really easy.  I can’t believe I’ve never done it before.  Ok, so the rising takes a bit of time.  But it’s not like you have to *watch* it whilst the yeast is doing its thing.

So there we have it. My mis-shapen loaf of bread.  It smells divine.  Well, at least it did until I realised that the hob was still lit underneath it.  It now has a black bottom 😦  But I’ll cut that off.  Nobody will ever know…. oh, wait… [doh!]

Day 731 – #9 BBC Big Read – another one down

7 01 2012

God – even worse than Double Act.  Tracy Beaker is horrible.

Still it’s done, ticked off, last Jacqueline Wilson on the list.  Good.

Day 730 – #9 BBC Big Read – another book read

6 01 2012

Having finally succombed to the lure of the kindle, I purchased my first book.  It was this one.  I have a load of the Top 100 on the kindle lined up ready to read but I wanted something quick to try out the purchase method.

What a load of old tosh.  I fully appreciate that I am not the target audience but honestly, if children behave like Ruby then I’m glad I don’t have children.  Hideous creature.

On the plust side  it was quick to read (I read it in my lunchbreak) so it’s another one off the list 🙂

Day 730 – #55 Two more new recipes

6 01 2012

This week we’ve had two new dishes for dinner.  I’d like to say it was part of a healthy eating regime.  But it isn’t really.  I just got out a few old recipe books for inspiration and they just happened to be weight watcher books.

Ok, so firstly we had Lemon Chicken with Leeks & Rice, which was from the Pure Points cook book.  It was like a risotto with grilled chicken on top.  It was very nice.  The portion was quite small, but then it was from WW so not really surprising!  I would cook it again, but probably pan-fry the chicken instead of grilling it as it was quite dry.

The second dish we had this evening and it was Sweetcorn & Tuna Rosti Cake from the WW Fabulous & Filling cookbook.  It took ages to make and was a bit of a faff.  I think there was too much sweetcorn which meant that the “cake” didn’t really stick properly together and fell apart a bit.  I took a picture of Mark’s plate as mine was just a pile of rosti!  It was quite nice, but definitely not worth the effort.  But I’d happily eat it if someone else made it…..

Day 725 – #9 Complete the BBC Big Read Top 100 list

1 01 2012

I’ve just finished reading this book and I just couldn’t put it down.  It’s one of the most touching books I’ve ever read.  I don’t normally read books or watch films about the war as I tend to find them pretty dull.  I don’t mind the ones about what life was like at home for people, but I’ve always steered clear about stories from the front.  This book could well have changed that for me.

What a compelling story.  I don’t want to say too much about it as I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read the book, but I was willing Jack & Stephen on with all my being!  Just fantastic.  And heart-breaking.  And moving.  And educational.  Wonderful, wonderful book – if you haven’t read it.  Do.  Soon.