Day 775 – #9 Another Top 100 book crossed off…..

20 02 2012

God alive.  Yawn central.  This has to be one of the dullest books I’ve ever read.  I can imagine this being on an English Lit. reading list and picking it pieces for months on end [shudder]

Dean is a hateful creature.  He calls himself a bum.  But he’s worse than that.  He’s a total parasite.  Not only has he screwed up his own life, he’s hell bent on destroying those of all around him.  I could muster no sympathy for his character at all.

Sal got on my nerves too for letting him behave like that.  Just as you think he’s getting away from Dean and heading off to Mexico – that wastrel turns up again gibbering away.

Painful reading.  Don’t even bother wasting your time.

Day 774 – #97 Do something for charity

19 02 2012

Well, it’s getting round to that time of year again.  The period of Lent.  Now, normally I would give up some kind of food.  Usual suspects are pizza, alcohol, chocolate, sweets etc.  This year though, I have a problem.  I’m barely eating any of this stuff anyway because of my ongoing stomach problems.  So what do I do?

So I had a brainwave.  Or it could be the most braindead idea I’ve ever come up with.  Lent is supposed to be a challenge, right?  So this is my challenge.  I will give up swearing, cursing and general blasphemy for the whole 40 day and nights.  If you know me, you will know how hard this is going to be [help!] and if you don’t this next bit will make you realise quite how bad it is.

I have decided that I will donate 20p for every forbidden word to my little sister’s chosen charity CRPS UK.  As I can’t do her charity run, I thought this would be my little contribution. (More info on CRPS can be found here )  If by some miraculous reason, I manage to keep my total to under £30 (unlikely), I will up it to that level out of the goodness of my heart 🙂

The other thing I’m giving up is Facebook – so if you are reading this on facebook anytime from Wednesday onwards, there’s no point in making any comment as I won’t see it for over a month!!

Wish me luck – I am SOOOOOO going to need it!



UPDATE: I didn’t do too well with the swearing thing…  I started off ok but got worse towards the end.  I blame work and the idiots I have to deal with day in day out 🙂  Anyway, my grand total was £45.60!  So that will be winging its way to CRPS research ASAP.

Day 774 – #53 Knit a scarf

19 02 2012

Here it is!  My fabulous, very warm scarf.  Beautifully modelled by Pedro I think you’ll agree.

This is the first thing that I’ve knitted from start to finish on my own.  It took me a while to get started and I couldn’t understand why I kept gaining stitches.  However, once I’d realised that I was knitting the stringy bits hanging off the yarn as well as the yarn itself, I did a lot better!

I wore it out today for the first time and I love it!  Expect to see a lot more of this scarf….

Day 774 – #9 2 More from the Top 100 Books

19 02 2012

I’ve been rattling through books since I bought my kindle at Christmas.  Firstly, The Grapes of Wrath.  What a depressing tale.  Well written and captivating to read, but pretty sad really.  I didn’t like the ending.  I found it most dissatisfying but it finally gave Rosasharn something to do instead of complain….

The Godfather, on the other hand, was great!  Very easy to read and sooooo much better than the films.  I know it’s almost sacriligeous to say so, but I found the films a bit boring.  Not so the novel.  Fantastic.  Well worth reading even if you were not a fan of the films.