Day 795 – #17 Bed 4 finished!

11 03 2012

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We have finally got round to finishing Mark’s games room!  It’s taken longer than it should but we got side-tracked by other stuff.  Obviously it’ll look better once he’s got the computer desk in and some pictures on the wall but it’s fully functioning at present.  The chairs will eventually be replaced with a sofa, but we’ll be using this as a sitting room whilst we rip apart the sitting room downstairs, so our existing chairs need a home for the time being.

It’s a lovely, sunny room and we’ve already watched all the six nations games in there this weekend!

Day 795 – #9 Another book read

11 03 2012

This was another book that I had no idea what it was about.  I started reading it and was horrified by the fairly graphic descriptions of hangings, death in childbirth and leaving a baby out in a freezing wood to die….

But I kept reading and I’m so glad I did.  What a great book!  I was hooked.  I started it last Sunday and I’d finished it by Wednesday.  I cared about what happened.  I wanted to know if Prior Phillip would ever get his cathedral.  Would Lord William *ever* get his comeuppance?  Was Bishop Walleran *really* beyond reproach?

Excellent book.  I might even read it again.

Day 795 – #12 Give 5 “I saw this and thought of you” gifts

11 03 2012

After having several long and involved converastions with my sister Laura about her stressful situation with CRPS, she was looking at starting Tai Chi or something similar to help calm down.

Whilst browsing the book people website, I came across this book and “thought of Laura!”

It contains various methods of meditation so you can try and find a method that works for you.  Laura was having trouble implementing breathing techniques because she couldn’t concentrate.  And all of that gets better with practice.  So hopefully she’ll find it useful.

It came as a double pack with a book called “How to be happier”, so we’ll see how that pans out!!

Day 787 – #9 Another book completed

3 03 2012

The number one book in the Top 100 has now been conquered!  I’ve put this one off for soooo long as I really didn’t fancy reading it.  I’ve never seen the films, I’m not interested in all the Gimli son of Gloin son of someone else nonsense that it’s riddled with and I really wasn’t looking forward to it AT ALL.

Having said that, I had read The Hobbit previously and that was ok so it couldn’t be all bad….

In fairness, I quite enjoyed it.  Some bits were tedious.  And there was a bit too much in the way of “in the East there is this mountain range, with this weirdly name stream running along side it.  Then in the West there is this other mountain range, which is sheer, and has this weirdly named stream running alongside it which runs down through the North into something else…” and so on and so forth.  But if you can wade through all that the story is actually quite good.  Frodo is a total wet bag.  Waste of space.  Sam is a total hero and I’m glad he ended up in Bag End.

In the end, I quite enjoyed it and wanted to keep reading to find out what happened.  But it wasn’t good enough to make me want to read it again.  And I *certainly* wouldn’t place it at number one in that list!