Day 874 – #9 And another book read

29 05 2012

I tried to double-post this earlier with The Stand – but my computer crashed and it didn’t work.  So here it is.

Ta-dah!  I have finally read my first Terry Pratchett book.  I have to say it wasn’t as awful as I was expecting.  I really was dreading it.  But it was ok.  It reminded me very much of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  Very similar kind of style.  Very easy to read and mercifully short after my Steven King marathon.

I’m glad it wasn’t terrible as there are about 5 more TP books on the list 🙂

Day 874 – #I saw this and thought of you…..

29 05 2012

Mark has been very down-in-the-dumps recently and I thought he needed cheering up.  (Obviously this was before the sun came out – he’s as happy as a sand boy now)
I’d been meaning to get a photo from our Roman Holiday blown up onto canvas to go in his room and not got around to it.  However, when I enquired about the possibility it turned out that our pictures weren’t a high enough resolution to be blown up to this size.  So when I saw this on the internet I jumped at the chance.

It’s a bit bluer than in looks in the picture but still very nice.  And Mark likes it, which is the main thing!

Day 874 – #9 Another book crossed off.

29 05 2012

Woah – what a monster of a book this is!  The downside of reading something on the kindle is that you have no idea how big the book is before you start.  It’s only once you’ve been reading for 3 days and you find that you’ve only read 3% of the book that you know you’re in for a long one!  The version I read was actually the extended version so that didn’t help.  But it was a really good read.  The idea that people are either fundamentally good or evil is quite interesting – as well as the internal struggle between the two ideas.  It was a really good read.  There was a bit in the middle that I could take or leave but overall I’d recommend it.




Day 874 – #74 and #75 Buy a Hammock & Make the garden more inviting

29 05 2012

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How cool is this hammock?  I got it from the Mexican Hammock Company who are based in Bristol.  They work in a co-operative with villagers in Mexico who make these traditional hammocks.  They are triple woven and really good quality. (See for more info).  It’s super-comfy and I can see myself sleeping in that very easily!  I got it as part of my “Making the garden more inviting” challenge.  Our garden is still a bit of a building site, but I’m gradually pulling it back.  I now have a big flower-bed down the right-hand side of the lawn.  It’s early days as you can see from the photos, but hopefully it won’t take too long before they get going.  I’m aiming to do the same on the other side at some point.  But already the garden feels much nicer to go out and sit it.  Helped enormously by the lovely weather we’ve had, of course!

Day 852 – #9 Another book off the list

7 05 2012

Oooh oooh oooh I loved this!  It’s a bit of a cross between Disney’s Merlin and Lord of the Rings.  Totally readable and I really cared about the characters.  A nice change after Ulysses….

Pug was your archetypal lowly chap made good.  He becomes the magician’s apprentice and sets off on an adventure into war with an unknown enemy….

It was really good.  The only thing I found disappointing was that it didn’t finish!  I’ve no idea what happens to Pug or to Tomas 😦

I have since found out that it’s part of a trilogy – so I’ll be looking out the sequel pretty sharpish.  Loved it – read it!

Day 852 – #93 Sort out a filing system and adhere to it!

7 05 2012

Woo, I am getting organised.  Finally.  The house is starting to come together and we are finally getting around to the maxim “a place for everything and everything in its place”.

So, we have a place for the filing.  It’s no longer in a tatty case like that <———-

It’s now in a filing cabinet drawer in Mark’s games room in a big black desk.  It’s all sorted, labelled and neatly arranged.  I love it!

Day 852 – #12 I saw this and thought of you….

7 05 2012





Whilst I’ve been ill, I’ve not been going out much.  So I’ve been getting back in to puzzles.  Mark’s always been more of the puzzle fiend in our household so when I saw this – I immediately thought of him.  It’s 1000 pieces and it was really, bloody difficult!  I helped with the edge pieces but the rest I left to him 🙂

Day 852 – #9 Complete the BBC Big Read

7 05 2012

Next on my list to read was Ulysses by James Joyce.  I was quite looking forward to this book.  However, I was sadly disappointed.

What a self-indulgent pile of old rubbish.  Complete gibberish in some parts and far, far too long.  Some bits were funny and there was a spark of interest in some of it.  But honest to God, he shouldn’t have bothered.

Not one I would ever bother even looking at for a second time.  😦

Day 852 – #55 Try 50 new recipes

7 05 2012

Ok, so… long time no see!  The blog has taken a bit of a back seat recently.  I’ve been quite poorly and recently have been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis.  This explains an awful lot of problems that I’ve had for a long time.  So the diagnosis is more a relief than a life sentence (although it *is* a life sentence!!).  So I’ve been getting my head around all of that and getting my illness under control.  This brings me neatly on to the new recipe….

Whilst researching my illness I came across the Specific Carbohydrate Diet.  Long story short, I’m not following it.  However there is a recipe in there for home-made yoghurt which is lactose-free and really good for your belly.  So I’ve been making it on the basis that it can’t do any harm.

It’s based on a starter of yoghurt containing 3 very specific bacteria.  This is then mixed with heat-treated milk and left to ferment for over 24 hours.

It sounds grim but it’s delicious!  I’ve been having it for breakfast with mixed berries.  It’s really, really good.  And it’s so nice to be able to eat yoghurt again!