Day 906 – #37 Eat fish & chips at the seaside

30 06 2012

We went on a little jaunt to Mousehole whilst down in St Ives.  I’d never been before and wanted to go there and also to Newlyn.  Unfortunately, it was a day where it decided to absolutely hammer it down.  So we sought refuge in the The Ship Inn and decided that we’d head back to St Ives and dry out a bit.  Lo and behold the weather was grand in St Ives – so we dried off and treated ourselves to fish and chips from The Balancing Eel.  Mark had cod and I had scampi (heathen that I am).  It was lush.  And the seagulls didn’t get any! 😀

Day 906 – #36 Paddle in the Sea

30 06 2012

As you can guess – neither of these are my legs!  But rest assured, I definitely did paddle in the sea.  We were lucky enough to have some good weather down in Cornwall so we got out on the beach several times.  The water was *very* cold but it’s a lush feeling.  Malcolm joined in and went for a swim – he came up looking all silvery like a seal 🙂  Just wish we’d taken the camera with us!

Day 881 – #98 Donate 101 Things to Charity – Completed

5 06 2012

During last weekend’s glorious spell of hot weather, I did my annual wardrobe switch over.  This time I decided to be ruthless (a bit rashly perhaps given the change in temperature over the last week….)  Anything I hadn’t worn all winter didn’t get put up in the loft as usual – it got donated to charity.  I was also more selective of my summer-wear.  No more stuff that “I will diet in to), no more stuff that I might wear one day.  If I didn’t wear it – it was out.

As you can see.  I got rid of quite a lot.  Joanna Lumely – pah, you don’t need to tell *me* to schwop it!

Day 874 – #74 and #75 Buy a Hammock & Make the garden more inviting

29 05 2012

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How cool is this hammock?  I got it from the Mexican Hammock Company who are based in Bristol.  They work in a co-operative with villagers in Mexico who make these traditional hammocks.  They are triple woven and really good quality. (See for more info).  It’s super-comfy and I can see myself sleeping in that very easily!  I got it as part of my “Making the garden more inviting” challenge.  Our garden is still a bit of a building site, but I’m gradually pulling it back.  I now have a big flower-bed down the right-hand side of the lawn.  It’s early days as you can see from the photos, but hopefully it won’t take too long before they get going.  I’m aiming to do the same on the other side at some point.  But already the garden feels much nicer to go out and sit it.  Helped enormously by the lovely weather we’ve had, of course!

Day 852 – #93 Sort out a filing system and adhere to it!

7 05 2012

Woo, I am getting organised.  Finally.  The house is starting to come together and we are finally getting around to the maxim “a place for everything and everything in its place”.

So, we have a place for the filing.  It’s no longer in a tatty case like that <———-

It’s now in a filing cabinet drawer in Mark’s games room in a big black desk.  It’s all sorted, labelled and neatly arranged.  I love it!

Day 816 – #Learn a new piece of music on the piano

1 04 2012

I have always loved Flanders & Swann. Their lyrics are brilliant and the music is lovely. So when trying to work out what I was going to teach myself, I decided this would be it. I toyed with the idea of Clair de Lune by Debussy as I really like that. But I could only find really basic versions which I didn’t want. Plus I already had the Flanders & Swann music book. So The Gnu Song it is. Watch this space for the final version…

Day 774 – #97 Do something for charity

19 02 2012

Well, it’s getting round to that time of year again.  The period of Lent.  Now, normally I would give up some kind of food.  Usual suspects are pizza, alcohol, chocolate, sweets etc.  This year though, I have a problem.  I’m barely eating any of this stuff anyway because of my ongoing stomach problems.  So what do I do?

So I had a brainwave.  Or it could be the most braindead idea I’ve ever come up with.  Lent is supposed to be a challenge, right?  So this is my challenge.  I will give up swearing, cursing and general blasphemy for the whole 40 day and nights.  If you know me, you will know how hard this is going to be [help!] and if you don’t this next bit will make you realise quite how bad it is.

I have decided that I will donate 20p for every forbidden word to my little sister’s chosen charity CRPS UK.  As I can’t do her charity run, I thought this would be my little contribution. (More info on CRPS can be found here )  If by some miraculous reason, I manage to keep my total to under £30 (unlikely), I will up it to that level out of the goodness of my heart 🙂

The other thing I’m giving up is Facebook – so if you are reading this on facebook anytime from Wednesday onwards, there’s no point in making any comment as I won’t see it for over a month!!

Wish me luck – I am SOOOOOO going to need it!



UPDATE: I didn’t do too well with the swearing thing…  I started off ok but got worse towards the end.  I blame work and the idiots I have to deal with day in day out 🙂  Anyway, my grand total was £45.60!  So that will be winging its way to CRPS research ASAP.

Day 680 – #41 Go to a concert

17 11 2011

Ok, so I’m a bit late in adding this one.  I’ve been sooooo busy that I’ve not got around to updating for a while.

All the way back at the beginning of October Mark & I went to Namfest.  First one I’ve ever been to.  The evening didn’t start well with the bar having run out of drinks already at 9pm!  We did a quick detour to the pub and came back a bit later on and they’d obviously got in some more supplies.

Luckily we were back well in time to listen Bad Lizard’s set – which was brilliant.  Mike Hughes guest-vocalling for the medley was truly a sight to behold!

The Boys from County Hell rounded off the night and although we didn’t stay right to the end (a bit late for an early-to-bedder like me) it was a great evening.  I’ve not had my ears ringing like that since the glory days of Diggers!

Day 605 – #91 Organise all my photos

3 09 2011

I have made a start on organising my photos.  All the pictures on my laptop have been sorted, labelled and organised.  Took me blinking ages!  Now all I have to do is find the CD with the older photos on and I can get them all together in one place.

Then I am planning on creating a couple of photo books, so that they can be viewed at leisure.  I’ve found a company I’m planning on using, so watch this space…

Day 514 – #90 Clean my car

4 06 2011

I have now owned my car over a year.  And I’ve still not cleaned it at all.  And it was beginning to show.  Mark spent hours cleaning his the other week and it looked a different vehicle.  He was doing it to sell, but that’s beside the point.  So as Mark was out on a stag do last night, I thought I’d take the opportunity to clean my car in peace.  Without him telling me how I was doing it wrong etc etc!

I started at 7pm thinking I’d give it a quick whizz over.  Two and half hours later and I was losing the will to live!  I now remember why I don’t ever polish cars – it takes forever!  Still, I have to say, it looks bloody gorgeous now 🙂