Lands End to John O’Groats

This is where I will record my weekly mileage totals once I get started.

Weeks 1-3 – Only managed a total of 7 miles so far.  Plagued by illness and lack of time in the evenings.  Hope to up this gradually.  Should be easier to get out next week as I have no college or dancing (half term).

W/C 23rd Jan – Started again this week.  Finally got over the virus, cold weather & root canal surgery!  Back to the running plan and did 9 miles this week 🙂

W/C 21st March – Tentatively tried a run this week – only managed 2.5 miles and was absolutely gasping.  Not good.

W/C 1st May – Did a 2 mile run on my own.  Not too bad.  Then joined the Harriers beginners group on Friday where we probably did about the same again.  Hopefully this means these updates will be slightly more regular!

W/C 8th May – Did 6 miles this week.  2 on Sunday, 2.5 on Tuesday and 1.7 at running club.  That felt really hard though!

W/C 15th May – Only 2 miles this week.  Combination of hangover, injury & general rubbishness meant I only went out with the running club.  Ooops!

W/C 22nd May – 7 miles completed this week 🙂

W/C 29th May – Disaster strikes!  I have a collapsed arch in my left foot and am not allowed to run for at least 8 weeks!  Will update as and when I get back to running 🙂


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